We breed the perfect blend of Australian Dormers in Australia, the only Dormer genetics available in the world outside of South Africa.

Australian Dormers are a stabilised breed from South Africa with a history that dates back to 1927.

The Australian Dormers story begins in South Africa. The Dormer name is simply made up of Dor (Dorset) and Mer (German Merino – which we now know as Prime SAMM (South African Meat Merino)).

The main object with the development of the Dormer was to breed a meat breed which could adapt to conditions in the winter rainfall area of South Africa (cold and wet) and from which suitable rams could be produced for cross breeding purposes.

During the years 1937 and 1938 more than 6000 lamb carcasses were shipped to the Smithfield market (London Central Markets) in the UK as experimental consignments. From these large scale cooperative experiments, it was confirmed that the Dorset Horn rams were the best producers of slaughter lambs.

Australian Dormers

One of the major requisites in the creation of a new breed from a cross is to start off with very good breeding material and so good stud rams were imported from Australia.

In an effort to breed a bigger ewe with a better meat conformation (than the Merino) without changing the Merino’s wool characteristics, the German Merino ram was used on Merino ewes. Lambs from these crossbred ewes, mated with Dorset Horn rams, showed a greater average daily gain than any of the other cross bred lambs.

Although the Dormer originated as a result of a need for the production of slaughter lambs in the Western and Southern Cape regions having been identified, the Dormer is today distributed throughout South Africa. The Dormer is well known for its high fertility, excellent mothering abilities, long breeding season and easy lambing. As a result of abovementioned characteristics, the Dormer is one of the most efficient meat sheep breeds in South Africa.

Australian Dormers are well known for:

High Fertility

Excellent mothering abilities

Long breeding season

Easy lambing

Our success at the Dubbo Hoof and Hook competition in 2014 led us to pursue this blend.




60.3% meat yield at 2019 Dubbo Hoof and Hook

Extra 2kg/carcass @ $8.00 /kg – Over 1000 head = $16,000 over and above

Suckers sold at 4-5 months for $200+

Only Dormer genetics in the world outside of South Africa