Rosemere Prime SAMMs

Rosemere Prime SAMMs was founded in the mid 1990’s by Cameron MacPherson's father as an addition to the Poll Dorsets.

With an average wool micron of 21-23 and 60:40 meat to wool ratio the Rosemere Prime SAMMs are an excellent dual purpose sheep. They are well known for their adaptability and hardiness as well as being highly fertile with good mothering qualities.

The outcome: Client success and satisfaction, with good returns from sheep and lamb meat, higher lambing percentages, and overall increased returns to their farming business.

SAMM History

Rosemere Prime SAMMs-sheep-Australian Dormers

Originally known as the German Mutton Merino, the first 10 ewes and 1 ram were imported to South Africa from Germany in 1932 for an Agricultural Department breeding program.

The newly named South African Mutton Merino (SAMM) was recognized in 1971 after decades of breeding for better wool quality and conformation. The SAMM was developed as a dual purpose sheep and was originally bred for its adaptability to the South African environment. It was later further developed to produce a heavy slaughter lamb at a young age as well as good quality wool.

The SAMM has been used as a sire line in four other South African breeds, including the Dohne Merino and Afrino, both of which are currently bred in Australia.

The breed was first introduced into Australia in 1996. In 1999 Australian breeders voted to adopt the Prime SAMM name after initially giving the breed the title of South African Meat Merino when it was first introduced.


Characteristics of the Prime SAMM breed include:

Each of these characteristics makes up a fine Prime Samm.

Rosemere Prime SAMMs

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