Our History

History of Cazna Park Poll Dorsets
& Rosemere Prime Samms

Cameron’s father Ron and grandmother Myrtle, founded the family’s Dorset Horn stud, Cazna Park, Flock No: 1265 in 1950. When establishing the stud Ron based his judgment and selection criteria on the well filled hindquarters and body conformation shown in the Balmoral stud owned by WJ Martin, at Sandy Creek in South Australia. 

After spending some time away from the farm, Cameron returned upon his father’s retirement.

In 2012 Cameron re-established the Cazna Park stud, Flock No 4557, transferring stock from the Myrtle Vale stud. The same genetics have continued on.

Rosemere SAMMs (Flock No 14) first commenced in the mid-1990s as an addition to the Poll Dorsets. It has proven very successful by using the SAMM rams over Merino ewes and keeping the ewes as your Border Leicester 1st cross replacement. Today it runs in conjunction with the Cazna Park stud and the Australian Dormers.

In 2014 at Dubbo Hoof and Hook competition, an ‘accident’ won On the Hoof and Reserve on the Hook. An ‘accident’ where a Poll Dorset joined with a few SAMM ewes.

After a lot of research, it was discovered that this combination had been tried and stabilized in South Africa using Australian Dorset Horn genetics (1940’s during the 2nd World War) dating back to 1927. Hence the Dormer.